Children Need Destiny!

No matter where you come from you can achieve your dreams!

Over the years, the education of children has seen positive improvement in India’s major cities. Unfortunately, the majority of children that live in India’s rural villages or slums still do not have access to quality schools. Consequently, many children in these areas begin work at an early age, only to become a part of the growing percentage of illiterate adults in India.

Access to education is compounded in India’s red light districts where the children of sex workers rarely attend school because the abused environment in which they live and interact significantly dampens their interests in studying. The few who show an interest in school are often turned away as high caste Indians do not want their children associating with them.

Children undergoing treatment in hospitals are also becoming part of the growing number of illiterate children because they are unable to keep a steady pace or attendance in a formal school setting.

Without a quick and creative solution, decades will pass before these problems are addressed. The truth is, every child around the world should have the opportunity to earn a quality education. Children With Destiny is committed to doing something about it by making education more accessible through Rhino University, an interactive online learning platform. Soon, children from all communities and backgrounds will have access to education, ensuring their healthy destinies as happy and confident adults.