Laundry Facility in Sonargachi

Kids with Destiny is committed to supporting a laundry facility that has been started in Sonargachi, the largest red light area in Calcutta. This will provide rescued sex workers with alternative employment.It will be a reason for many women to hope in a better future.

Programs like the laundry facility are sorely needed where statistics are so dismal. Over 10,000 women work as sex workers in Sonargachi. Many were born into the cycle of prostitution, having never been given the opportunity to leave it. Sadly, hundreds of these workers are young girls who, rather than being in school, are walking the streets to earn a few rupees. The laundry facility will give many women a safe and healthy means through which to support their families. Their earning will allow them to leave behind their former lifestyles and model a better example for their daughters. We thank you for continuing to partner with us to make this and other life-changing projects possible.