Red Light Clinic

Kids With Destiny, in partnership with Calcutta Mercy Hospital, is boldly entering into Calcutta’s red-light district, helping bring free healthcare to women and their children through a medical clinic.

Accessible healthcare will prevent deadly diseases from spreading and offer a safe place for at-risk families to seek professional, quality care. In 2010, after two years of working in the red-light district, we relocated the clinic to a larger facility, to extend are influence to a greater number of women and their families.

Ruhi Prasad, wife of Calcutta Mercy Hospital’s CEO, Sanjay Prasad, counts it an honor to be helping manage the red light clinic initiative. Ruhi was rated the top nine banker in India by Standard Chartered Bank before she left her banking profession to help us as COO of Calcutta Mercy Ministries. Additionally, Ruhi and Sanjay are helping Calcutta Mercy Hospital in constructing a laundry facility that will help rescue and give employment to women from Sonargachi.