Move 4 Freedom

Move 4 Freedom, as part of Kids With Destiny reaches out to the children in Sonargachi, Calcutta’s Red Light District, rescuing them from a life of prostitution.

Move 4 Freedom encourages people like you to get involved by hosting events that help raise support and awareness in your local community.

Meet Danielle Valimont.

Danielle, a Kids with Destiny volunteer and representative, is raising awareness about the plight of women and children in the red light district in a unique and powerful way. A Starbucks coffee shop in Atlanta has agreed to display and sell Danielle’s photography during the month of April 2011, with all proceeds from the sales going to Move 4 Freedom.

The photos depict thirty women and children from metro Atlanta and Uganda who modeled what they felt living and working in the red light district would be like. Some hid their faces from fear, others gathered closely together, and so on, according to their personal interpretations.

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