Our History

Kids With Destiny was first inspired into action when Geralyn Dreyfous, Producer and Executive Director of Born Into Brothels, and Bonnie Buntain Long, President of Buntain Foundation, met in Calcutta to engage with disadvantaged children in the city’s red light district.

Their visit led to the making of the PBS film The Day My God Died, documenting the child sex slave trade. Geralyn went on to executive produce the Academy award winning documentary Born into Brothels.

Bonnie and her husband, Dr. Jim Long, visit Calcutta regularly to provide free care to over 40,000 men, women and children each year through Calcutta Mercy Hospital. Dr. Stephanie Moore, an Instructor at Harvard Medical School and an Assistant in Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, accompanied Bonnie on one of her trips, which led to a relationship between Calcutta Mercy Hospital and her work in the United States. Dr. Moore, along with other doctors from Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital began conducting demographic studies in Calcutta Mercy Hospital’s 18 rural clinics for the purpose of increasing the health and happiness of the marginalized in India.

Desiring to do more for impoverished children, Dr. Stephanie Moore teamed up with Sanjay Singh, Vice President at Starbucks, and Patrick Dey, Vice President at Mattel, to create Kids With Destiny. Kids With Destiny partners with Kids with Cameras, Buntain Foundation and Calcutta Mercy Hospital to stop child sex slavery in Calcutta. Joint projects include the Hope House for disadvantaged children and free medical clinics for women and their children living in Sonargachi – the red light area of Calcutta. Beginning in 2010, Kids With Destiny developed the creative means of online education to provide learning opportunities and a hope-filled future to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Now, children in slums, impoverished rural villages, hospital rooms, and red light districts can earn a primary and secondary school education through an accessible, fun, and interactive online learning platform.